Welcome to the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital!

The Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital is a charitable project working to eradicate the deprivations of poverty in Mian Channu, Pakistan.

Our goal is simple; to provide world class health care that is free at the point of need to all citizens of Mian Channu, regardless of their social standing or economic condition.

Located in the Punjab Province of Pakistan, Mian Channu is the capital city of Mian Channu Tehsil and comprises over 76,000 residents. Situated as it is along the Grand Trunk Road, approximately 250km southwest of Lahore and 1050 km northeast of Karachi, this vibrant and strategically important city is one of Pakistan’s most productive agricultural contributors.

Yet despite the significance of this proud city, it is woefully lacking in adequate healthcare provision and its citizens are poorly served by a rudimentary system of patchy medical cover. Whilst the medical care provided by individual doctors and nurses is most often excellent, it is unfortunately mostly distributed from aged, ill-equipped medical facilities with only a basic level of aid provided to the residents of Mian Channu.

In the case of a severe medical emergency, the people of Mian Channu are expected to make the long and arduous journey by road to one of the nearest major trauma centres, meaning they must either be transported 89 km to Multan or 250 km to Lahore, for more serious conditions. Unfortunately, most of the sick and injured do not survive this gruelling journey, and those that do then find themselves alone and far away from the support of their family.

To add insult to injury, the majority of Mian Channu residents live below the poverty line and have very few choices when it comes to improving their healthcare provision.

But the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital wants to change this. We believe that every single in person life deserves access to adequate medical care, and so we’re putting our beliefs into practice.

Built in memory of the Jamal family, a prominent and well-renowned Pakistani family who made Mian Channu their home, the hospital will serve the local community tirelessly and will seek to eradicate the ill-effects of poverty for all residents of Mian Channu.

Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art medical facilities and world-class healthcare from our brand new hospital building, strategically located near the centre of Mian Channu. The Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital will provide much needed free-at-the-point-of-use medical care to anyone who needs it, on both a routine and an emergency basis. So now, the sick and injured will be able to access the life-saving treatment they need when they need it, and recover more quickly surrounded by the love and support of their friends and family.

But we can only achieve this with your help. The Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital relies on the donations of kid-hearted people like yourself; people who want to help their fellow man and bring about a fairer society for every man, woman and child on this planet.

We know we can’t change the world but, with your help, we could start to make a very real difference for some of the poorest and most in need people in Pakistan, and we think that’s certainly a worthy place to begin.

If you would like to join us and ensure equal healthcare for all, then please visit our donations page here, or contact us if you require any further information.

Floorplans of Jamal Memorial
Trust Hospital