Wellbeing Services

Wellbeing Services


The cafeteria at the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital will provide sustenance and nourishment to the patients, staff, and visitors of the hospital.

Staff and visitor will be able to enjoy freshly prepared hot and cold food whilst they wait for their loved ones, either in the café or out in the serene gardens of the hospital.

Patients will be able to take a walk to the cafeteria and enjoy some wholesome, healthy food when they are feeling a bit better.Prayer, Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital

Patients and visitors alike can dine together and share a meal, boosting the spirits of all.

Prayer Facilities/Mosque

Faith is an important part of life in Mian Channu. By the grace of God, Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital shall be gift for the people of city and surrounding areas.

Prayer and mediation will restore the body, mind, and spirit of the patient, providing comfort and support to them and their families.

Staff will be able to use the Mosque facilities to help them find the wisdom and fortitude to treat all patients to the best of their abilities.


The Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital will have clean, well ventilated, airy accommodation. Patients will be able to stay on out male, female, or children wards or in the private rooms, if they require intensive treatment or privacy. There will be 50 beds in total over 3 floors.

Accomodation, Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital

Family members will be able to stay with their children to ensure the child is comforted and happy during their time in hospital.

The Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital will have beautiful, serene gardens patients, visitors, and staff can enjoy during their time here.