Paediatrics deal with the health of children. Children deserve the very best start in life, and many illnesses and diseases affect children differently to adults, which is why they need a dedicated Paediatrics service.

Our children are our most precious gift and we, as parents and adults, must work to protect them.

Common childhood diseases, such as Mumps, Chicken Pox and Scarlet Fever need special attention or can cause infertility, disability or even death. Common illnesses, such as chest infections, diarrhoea, and general bodily infections can prove fatal in children if the proper care and attention is not received in good time.

Paediatrics care at Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital


Children living in Mian Channu currently have to make the long an arduous trip to Lahore or Multan to receive treatment, a journey which is tiresome for a healthy adult, let alone a sick child. Having a hospital in Mian Channu will improve the quality of health for children and allow them to recover and grow into healthy, active members of the community. Whats more, a hospital nearby can stop the spread of infectious diseases and prevent an outbreak of deadly illnesses, like measles.

The Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital’s state of the art facilities will have doctors who are specially trained in children’s healthcare, as well as a dedicated ward, and separate, more private rooms for those who are in need of confidentiality or more intense care.

Once the children are feeling a bit more normal, our beautiful grounds will be perfect for them to burn off some energy and get fresh air, restoring body and mind.