General Surgery

General Surgery

General surgery, Jamal Memorial Trust HospitalIt is vital that surgery is performed in clean, sterile environments, regardless of the type of surgery being done. Infections caused by dirty equipment or conditions can, and will, kill a patient.

Some minor complaints, such as infected dog bites, wisdom teeth growing incorrectly, or ingrown toenails, can quickly become big problems if they are not treated early and then often require surgery to correct.

Some patients choose to have surgery to improve their quality of life or health, such as tonsillectomies, scoliosis (spinal) surgery, or having a hernia repaired. These types of surgeries can be scheduled to suit a patient and the hospital and need not be done immediately.

Some surgeries are life saving, such as appendectomies, heart bypasses, or having a bowel obstruction removed. Without these surgeries, the patient will surely die and, therefore, must be done immediately.

Currently, patients have to travel to the nearest hospital, 89KM away in Multan. This journey will likely result in death in the case of a medical emergency, such as a burst appendix. By opening a hospital in Mian Channu we are saving people from having to make the expensive and long journey.General Surgery

Minor and major surgery will be performed here in the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital by highly skilled and trained surgeons, meaning patients do not have to travel to nearby cities. They can recover in our dedicated wards for men, women, or children, and be close to their families, who can visit to keep their spirits up and aid their recovery.

Our highly trained nursing staff will be on hand to look after the patient’s needs by providing food, drink, and medication, Wounds can be properly cared for and dressed to prevent infection and minimise scarring. What’s more, the patient can be closely monitored so any secondary problems can be detected and treated early.

We plan to have two dedicated surgical operation theatres and private rooms for those who need quiet and privacy in which to recover.

Whether the surgery is routine or being done in an emergency, patients can be confident in receiving the highest level of care and comfort during their procedure and recuperation.