The heart is responsible for keeping out organs and body alive and health by pumping oxygen-rich blood to these areas through arteries, and sucking deoxygenated blood back in to be re-oxygenated via the veins. If the heart doesn’t work properly, organs can, and will, become less effective and this can make a person very unwell or even lead to death.

Cardiology, Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital

Heart problems can strike suddenly and with no warning. A person can be feeling fine in the run up to suffering a severe and devastating cardiac episode, which is why it is vital that the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital has a dedicated cardiology service, right here in Mian Channu.


Early diagnosis of heart disease can save lives. In Pakistan, Ischaemic Heart Disease is in the top three causes of death. This disease, often known as Coronary Artery Disease, is the narrowing of blood vessels, meaning oxygenated blood cannot be efficiently carried round the body and nourish tissue and organs. Because the symptoms of this are severe (chest pain, heart attacks, or heart failure), many people do not realise there is anything wrong until it is too late. This is why it is important to look after your heart by eating healthily, not smoking, and exercising regularly.

Heart failure is another serious complaint which, if left untreated, usually leads to death. Heart failure is when the heart becomes too stiff or weak to properly pump blood around the body. Symptoms can be breathlessness or extreme tiredness and swollen wrists and ankles. It is common in older people and, whilst not curable, it can be managed by skilled and professional doctors.

Cardiology, Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital, Mian Channu

A specialist doctor will be able to test the function of a patient’s heart by monitoring the bloody oxygen levels during light exercise. Other methods of checking heart health include an MRI scan, a CT scan, a coronary angiography, or a radionuclide scan.

Here at the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital we will be able to identify, diagnose and treat heart conditions and complaints before they strike a person down, or provide lifesaving treatment after a heart attack.

Patients will be able to recover on one of our comfortable and serene wards and enjoy the lovely grounds for gentle exercise and fresh air once they are feeling better.

This vital service will prevent local residents and those in surrounding villages from having to make the long and tiring journey to Multan to receive treatment for heart complaints.