Blood Bank

Blood Bank

Blood Bank, Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital, Mian ChannuAn onsite Blood Bank, such as the one at the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital, saves lives. A blood transfusion is taking blood from one person and giving it to another. It is a safe, hygienic practice which has strict regulations around it.

The blood is taken from healthy donors and passed into the patient by a tube into their vein. It is painless and usually takes effect very quickly.

A blood bank tests the donations to be sure they are clean and healthy and then stores the blood so it is ready to use in an emergency or during surgery.

The averaged sized grown up has around five litres of blood in their body which frequently regenerates and renews. A healthy adult can usually lose around 1.5 litres before a blood transfusion is needed, as under 1,5 litres, the blood will replace itself over a few weeks. The patient might just feel lethargic during this time. However, sometimes during surgery, childbirth, or in severe accidents or incidents, life threatening amounts of blood can be lost, which can result in death if not treated quickly.

Anaemia is the most common reason for a blood transfusion. This is where patients do not have enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to organs. This is usually caused by severe blood loss, such as during childbirth, but it can also be due to a poor diet, Malaria, or illnesses such as Sickle Cell Anaemia or cancer. Some poisons and toxins, such as Lead, can cause the body to attack its own red blood cells, leading to a need for a blood transfusion. Blood bank. blood transfusions, Mian Channu, Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital

Platelets help the blood to clot, which is what prevents us from bleeding to death when we cut ourselves. People who have low platelets in their blood can bleed out very quickly and easily from minor cuts. Surgery and dental work becomes very dangerous. Blood transfusions can enable the recipient to have surgery safely and not be at as high of a risk of cutting themselves.

Sometimes, surgery is likely to result in large blood loss which sometimes means a blood transfusion is needed. In some circumstances, the blood the patient loses can be collected up and returned to them, but often this is not possible and it is safer to do a blood transfusion.

With the support of volunteering donors, Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital will be able to provide safe blood to community at large. Proper inventory will be maintained to the availability of supplies and to keep check on the expiry date.

Whatever the reason for the blood transfusion, the Jamal Memorial Hospital Trust will have a state of the art blood bank, so you can sure to get the best treatment necessary.