24 Hour Emergency Ward

24 Hour Emergency Ward

A 24 hour emergency ward will be able to treat people with injuries, 24 Hour Emergency Ward, Jamal Memorial Trust Hospitalsuch as broken bones, cuts and burns, or punctures and lacerations-vital in a farming community such as ours, as many accidents happen on farms due to all the equipment.

An emergency ward will be fully staffed with doctors and nurses who will be able to properly clean and dress wounds, and, if necessary, stitch them. Broken bones will be able to be diagnosed and properly set to avoid further complications later in life.

We will also be able to treat people with illnesses requiring urgent medical attention, such as Diarrhoea, Malaria, and Pneumonia. Currently, in Pakistan, lower respiratory infections (including pneumonia) is one of the leading causes of death. Early diagnosis and the right treatment, especially in young, old, or frail people, can be the difference between life and death.

A 24 hour emergency ward will allow the residents of Mian Channu and surrounding areas to receive treatment and reassurance over the weekend and throughout the night, preventing suffering and deterioration.

An ambulance service will ensure people can quickly get the help they need without having to put their bodies under more strain by walking to the hospital. Many people in Mian Channu are poor and do not have access to a car. If a patient is unconscious, bleeding profusely or suffering a serious neck or back injury it is often not possible or advisable to take them to hospital in a car. An ambulance is the safe and comfortable option. Not only that, but the paramedics can begin working on the patient immediately, which can often save their life in cases such as heart attacks or diabetic complications.

Pakistan, Mian Channu, HospitalCurrently, the nearest emergency ward available to residents of Mian Channu is 89km away. Those who are lucky enough to have a car would be driving for an hour and a half to reach it. That is a life-threatening amount of time in an emergency, such as a heart attack or stroke. If no car is available, it is an 18-hour walk-surely impossible for someone in an emergency.

Numerous lives will be saved by having an emergency ward available round the clock to the residents of Mian Channu and nearby towns and villages. We can’t promise to save all lives, but giving people access to emergency care quickly means that the risks of bleeding to death or dying from an infection, for example, are much lower.