Healthcare For All

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Healthcare For All

The guiding principle of the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital is to proved exceptional healthcare for all.

Despite the fact that most of the population of Mian Channu live below the poverty line, according to international standards, we don’t believe that should exclude them from the fundamental human right of access to basic healthcare provision.

We believe it’s wrong that women and babies should die in childbirth due to substandard maternity and neonatal care. We believe it’s wrong that children and parents should die in an ambulance on the long road to the nearest emergency care centre. We believe it’s wrong that our elders should die from common diseases due to a lack of basic medications.

Yet this is what is happening every day in Mian Channu, Pakistan, thanks to the lack of free, local, accessible healthcare.

But the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital are here to change that, by providing world-class healthcare to the people of Mian Channu, right on their doorstep, right when they need it.

If you would like to make a donation to the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital, to help ensure free medical aid reaches those most in need of it, then you can contribute online via our donations page.  Alternatively, use any of the methods on the contact page to get in touch with us should you have any further questions.

Please join us, and help make the world a better place.

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