Why this Location?

Why this Location?

Located in the Punjab Province of Pakistan, Mian Channu is the capital city of Mian Channu Tehsil in the Khanewal District, Punjab province of Pakistan. Located 1050 km North East of Karachi and 250km South West of Lahore on the Grand Trunk Road, it is a proud and bustling city with a strong sense of community and religion.Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital, Mian Channu

The main industry is agriculture and exports many important crops, such as wheat, cotton, and sugar-cane. It has a structured and fair government and a proud education system but sadly, the health-care provision is letting us down.

The services which are available are provided by skilled and hardworking professionals, however, they have old and outdated equipment and provisions. In case of a severe trauma or emergency, the 75,000 or so residents must make the long and difficult trip to the nearest Accident and Emergency centre, either in Multan, 89 km away, or in Lahore. Those who are lucky enough to survive the journey find themselves isolated from their family back home and unsupported.

What’s more, many people in Mian Channu are living in poverty and cannot afford to seek medical attention in the cities, or make the long journey to the hospitals.

Jamal Memorial Trust Hopsital, why Mian ChannuBut we want to change that. In honour of Mr Ahmed Bashir Jamal’s late father, Haji Jamal-ud-Din, a state of the art hospital is being built to service the people of Mian Channu and provide free, quality healthcare to all.

Haji Jamal-ud-Din was a prominent local businessman, industrialist and humanitarian. He worked tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of the poorest people in his home city, Mian Channu. He was a respected and loved member of the Pakistani community and believed that all people, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or religion deserves to receive the best healthcare. Ahmed Bashir Jamal is building The Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital, with the help of donations, to keep this believe and the memory of Haji Jamal-ud-Din alive.