Mr Haji Jamal-ud-Din

Mr Haji Jamal-ud-Din

Mr Haji Jamal-ud-Din was the late father of Mr Ahmed Bashir Jamal and is the person after whom the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital is named.

A successful and prosperous industrialist, Mr Jamal-ud-Din spent his life being productive and industrious, whilst always remaining an incredibly generous and kind-hearted man. He dedicated his life to improving the lot of his family but always remembered to offer aid and assistance to those worse off than himself, bestowing his time and his money to help the poor and deprived, and unstintingly supporting many charitable works.

A loyal Pakistani, Mr Jamal-ud-Din was extremely proud of his hometown of Mian Channu and its people and he worked tirelessly throughout his life to help his vibrant city to thrive and grow. Over several altruistic projects and many individual acts of kindness, Mr Jamal-ud-Din worked hands-on to help alleviate the poverty suffered by many in Mian Channu and gained a well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s true humanitarians.

All who met Mr Jamal-ud-Din recognised his qualities and he was a much-loved and well-respected member of the Pakistani community, particularly in Mian Channu, where he was both esteemed for his philanthropic works and admired for his generosity of spirit. Described by everyone as a kind-hearted man, Mr Jamal-ud-Din has been deeply and sincerely missed since his death, and the fact that his name will carry on through such a worthy and admirable cause is of great comfort to all who knew him.

Inspired by the guiding principles and lifetime work of Mr Jamal-ud-Din, the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital will continue the work of this great man and ensure his name is honoured long after his life. With the simple goal of providing accessible, world-class healthcare to the people of Mian Channu, the hospital will begin the process of promoting medical equality for all, regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnicity; a cause that Mr Jamal-ud-Din fought tirelessly for throughout his life.

If you would like to help support the work of the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital and ensure the dreams of this good, kind-hearted man are realised, then please give whatever you can. You can donate via the donations page on this website, or contact us if you require any further information.