Mr Ahmad Bashir Jamal

Mr Ahmad Bashir Jamal

Originally a resident of Mian Channu, Mr Ahmad Bashir Jamal moved to the UK to complete his higher education studies after first graduating in Pakistan, and has remained there ever since.

Following in the footsteps of his esteemed father, Mr Haji Jamal-ud-Din, and considering himself to have been highly blessed by The Almighty, Mr Ahmad Bashir chose to dedicate himself and his life’s works to doing good for the benefit of his fellow man.

Mr Ahmad Bashir, Chairman


Beginning in the UK, Mr Bashir established a now well-renowned nursing home, to provide exceptional levels of care to those in society most in need of a compassionate home and quality medical care.

Once this had been achieved, Mr Bashir then turned his attention back home, to his mother land. Realising that much of his success was due to his upbringing and that a lot was owed to his native city, Mr Bashir decided to contribute what he could to the development of Mian Channu and the advancement of its citizens.

It was brought to the attention of Mr Bashir that the majority of residents in Mian Channu and its outlying villages live below the poverty line and are excluded from the type of medical care taken for granted in more affluent countries around the world. With such extreme levels of poverty, Mian Channu’s people are unlikely ever to afford the privileges of adequate healthcare facilities, such as those available in nearby Multan or Lahore. As a result, the cycle of poverty remains a continuous hardship for these worthy people, who struggle to elevate themselves and their families into more prosperous positions.

And so, Mr Bashir began to work on his proposal to establish the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital, in memory of his father, Mr Haji Jamal Din. Housed in a state-of-the-art, modern hospital building, the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital will provide all residents of Mian Channu with world class healthcare, delivered by highly trained and experienced medical staff using the latest scientific developments and high-tech equipment. Bearing in mind the deprivation of the area, the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital will provide free-at-the-point-of-need healthcare and medical aid to everyone, for the first time in the history of Mian Channu.

Yet despite investing a considerable proportion of his own and his family’s modest wealth into the project, the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital will only be completed with the help of generous benefactors such as yourself. The building of this world-class hospital is now under way and great progress has been made over the last year, yet to fulfil the vision set out by Mr Bashir, a great deal of investment will be required from kind-hearted donors, which is why the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital is reaching out to you, to request even the smallest of financial contributions, to help ensure the basic human right to healthcare is truly available to all.

If you would like to help Mr Bashir achieve his dream of providing free, quality healthcare to all, then you can donate to the Jamal Memorial Trust Hospital here, or please contact us if you require further information.